How to access AirDisk-Q3C\T2\Q1 on a Mac (Samba) LAN
How to access AirDisk-Q3C\T2\Q1 on a Mac (Samba) LAN
1. Make sure the Mac network cable or Wi-Fi connection is the same router as the AirDisk-Q3C\T2\Q1 device.
2. The AirDisk-Q3C\T2\Q1 device is in network disk mode. Two lights on the network port are on (Q1 is an external hard disk drive).
3. Open "DM Disk HDD" APP on the mobile phone side → Connect AirDisk-Q3C\T2\Q1 device → Settings → Open Samba function!

4.Mac Go to → Connect to Server → enter the IP address of the AirDisk-Q3C\T2\Q1 device, such as smb:// → Connections → enter the SAMBA user name “AirDisk” and the login password (consistent with the device access password) → Connection → Enter the AirDisk device disk partition "USB-disk-1" → access the Q3C disk data.

5.AirDisk-Q3C\T2\Q1 device IP address can be viewed in APP, Settings, "Device Status Information", as shown below