T2 firmware upgrade
T2 firmware upgrade instructions

APP upgrade:

Net drive mode: When there is new firmware, the setting bar of the APP will prompt the user that there is new firmware updateable, a red dot can be seen in the settings icon (settings → check firmware upgrade → OK → firmware update progress display), firmware upgrade The T2 device LED status is blinking blue and green. After the upgrade is complete, T2 is automatically restarted and the device indicator is steady green.

At this time, open the APP again.

Local firmware upgrade steps:

1. The T2 device first loads the USB disk to the computer. The status of this T2 lamp is blue.

2. After the computer mounts the disk, copy the firmware to the root directory of the first partition disk in T2 and rename it to “$$update$$.bin”, as shown below.

3.Safely exit the disk, unplug the USB cable.

4. After the USB is connected to the 5V-2A power adapter, click the T2 power button to boot. After the T2 system starts up, it will automatically perform the firmware upgrade mode. During the firmware upgrade process, the T2 device's lamp blinks green and blue. The T2 device will restart automatically after the upgrade is complete!