Q1 upgrade firmware description
Q1 firmware upgrade instructions

First, APP upgrade method:
Net drive mode: When there is new firmware, the setting bar of the APP will prompt the user that there is a new firmware update. You can see a red dot in the settings icon (Settings → Check firmware update → OK → Firmware update progress display).

During the firmware upgrade process, the LED status of the Q1 device is blinking alternately green/red. After the upgrade is complete, Q1 is automatically restarted and the device indicator is steady green. At this time, open the APP again.

Second, Q1 local upgrade firmware:
1, first prepare a U disk, received a computer;

2. Copy the firmware to the root directory of the U disk, rename it "$update$$.bin" and safely exit the disk;

3. U disk access Q1 USB2.0 interface, access power adapter power boot automatically upgraded, the upgrade process Q1 LED is green / red alternately flash;

After the upgrade is complete, Q1 will automatically restart. At this time, the LED is steady green and the upgrade is complete!