Win10 can't access old NAS devices or linux shared solutions
After upgrading the Win10 system, it was found that some older NAS devices or some Linux systems could not be accessed. This is because the SAMBA packages of these devices may all use the SMB1.x protocol, and Win10 supports the SMB 3.1.1 protocol. If you are unable to access it, you must ensure the installation of the SMB1.0 protocol in the system. Of course, we can add this protocol in Win10.

1. Press win +X or right-click on the start menu and select "programs and functions" from the menu that appears.

2. Select enable or disable Windows features.

3. Make sure "SMB1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support" is checked in the function list, then confirm the installation, restart the computer to take effect.

4. Then the Shared files in the NAS can be accessed normally

5. We can see the current samba Shared connection status by typing the get-smbconnection command on the powershell command line.We found that the SMB protocol version used for this NAS is 1.5

In the above way, we can make Win10 system can access the old NAS devices or some Linux system network sharing