What should I do if the hard disk prompts an error? (WIN10)
The error message is as follows:

Analysis of the cause: USB directly plugged in, Q3C working out, power failure, power off, directly plugging in the hard disk, network disconnection when transmitting data.
The first step is to set the Q3C to the mobile hard disk mode: Q3C first connects to the USB port of the computer through the public USB 3.0 cable, and then the power adapter is powered. At this time, the Q3C LED is blue. (Remember: Do not press the power button!)

Right click on the bottom bar on the desktop and in the pop-up menu we select the "Task Manager" menu item and click on Details.

Select the file bar on the upper left to run the new task:

Select the task to create this task with system administration privileges, enter Powershell and click OK.

For example, check and repair area D:

Waiting for a fix usually takes longer than an unexpected shutdown.
The last hint is that this is done for the fix.

Finally, please safely remove the device before unplugging the USB.